The Brooke Keegan Blueprint™:

The Brooke Keegan Blueprint™: Percentage Model Pricing for Planners

Brooke has more than 19 years of experience designing, planning, and producing spectacular events for some of the world’s most ambitious and exacting clients.

Named a top wedding planner by Harper’s Bazaar and BRIDES

she has established a reputation of excellence and consistency for producing unique, beautiful, and innovative events that far leave a lasting impression.

She is an educator in the wedding industry and has dedicated her extra time and passion in helping others be as successful and profitable as they can be.

She has worked 1-on-1 with several planners, hosted several webinars, google hangouts and has shared her knowledge with some of the leading industry conferences, meetings and podcasts: Engage! Summits, WIPA Arizona, WIPA Los Angeles, WIPA Colorado, ABC Orange County, ABC Los Angeles, Dream Job Podcast, The Wedding Insider Podcast, CHARD Workshop and Sylvie Gil’s France Workshop, to name a few.

Percentage Model Pricing for Planners

The Brooke Keegan Blueprint™: Percentage Model Pricing for Planners E-Course

The Percentage Model Pricing for Planners E-Course will walk you through the step by step process of how to confidently and effectively start charging a percentage! Whether you are currently charging a flat fee, a percentage and just need more education behind it, a hybrid of the two or think that this model will not work for you because of your market (which is a myth – it works in all markets with all types of budgets!), this course will help you perfect this pricing model and strategy! You will learn how to:
  1. Determine what percentage to charge
  2. Determine what your minimum fee should be
  3. Sell the model to your clients
  4. Explain the pricing model to your clients
  5. Combat and address the client’s questions and concerns
  6. Draft contract details and verbiage
  7. Build and maintain an accurate budget
  8. Invoice for your services

Implementing Percentage Model Pricing has changed my life, personally and professionally! I want to show you everything that I know so that it can change your life as well! Using this model has increased my revenue by at least 32% each year, and by 403% in the first 5 years! I now feel like I am getting properly compensated for my time, knowledge and expertise!

The Brooke Keegan Blueprint: Budget Spreadsheet

This is a customizable spreadsheet that will make your life so much easier! We integrate your company colors, logo and information so that it is personalized and stays on brand! The tabs included are:
  1. Summary
  2. Main Event
  3. Current Reality
  4. Additional Events
  5. Gifting
  6. Gratuities – Main Event
  7. Gratuities – Additional Events
  8. Vendor List – Main Event
  9. Vendor List – Additional Events
Once all information is input, tabs 2-7 calculate and total on the Summary page! It is easy to keep track of all your client’s financials and know exactly what you are making at any moment! Your percentage automatically calculates and is shown on the Summary page as well! It is that easy!

The Budget Worksheet has been a complete GAME CHANGER! Working with a top Microsoft Excel master over the last 3 years, we have created and perfected the most robust but easy to use budget template when charging a percentage. It saves us time and makes us money! I know it can do that for you too!

Brooke Keegan - Education

Don't miss out!

The E-Course and the Budget Spreadsheet are launching soon!

- Tory
“Brooke’s break down of the percentage model is not only truly actionable but so approachable. It’s just what you need to educate yourself with confidence and move into a whole new category of financial freedom.”
- Noor
“Covid or not, your webinar has been the most informative, accurate, intelligent educational piece I have seen in I don’t even know how long. Probably ever. Thank you so so much for sharing, for all of your time preparing for it, for your transparency, all of it. Thank you!!! Just a game-changer in terms of knocking out all doubts.”
- Emily
“Thank you again for the webinar yesterday! You are such an inspiration and I truly appreciate your straight to the point, candid approach to talking through everything!

I switched to percentage last year and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm regularly encouraging other full-service planners to consider the model as well and I can't tell you how many times I have told people that I made the switch because of you. 

Thank you for being a leader in the industry and helping to raise the bar!”
- Faith
“I want to thank you for your webinar a couple of weeks ago. It was so helpful and well done! I have followed your work for a couple of years now as I started my own business and took the leap after almost 15 years of running corporate and non-profit events for other companies. 

The integrity you show as you give us all glimpses of you running Brooke Keegan Events is obvious and a wonderful example to me. I thought you should know that I admire it so much. 

I have been contemplating a percentage-based model for my events in the coming year and your webinar was exactly what I needed to move my business to the next steps of planning for it.“