The Mrs. Box | Wedding Heirlooms

There is nothing like a wedding celebration; from the bridal soirées to wedding gown, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the wedding cake, every detail doesn’t go unnoticed. However, once all is said and done, who says the romanticism and glamour has to end there? Introduce The Mrs. Box: a perfectly petite package to house your most prized wedding possession… your ring. Each adorable box is monogrammed to your liking and made from real pieces of vintage French velvet which means each box is unique and a limited edition. Available in a delicious array of ever-changing colors, these tiny treasures bring back the glory and beauty of a true, wedding heirloom box. Colors come and go quickly so snatch up one of these beautiful little boxes today to house your own little gem on your wedding day and every day thereafter!






For more details on these perfect little treasures (and the debut of new colors this August!) please visit themrsbox.com.