Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN

We love our summers here in California, especially wedding days by the sea, under the warm sun. But, there’s a (tiny) part of us that can’t wait to for fall. Mostly for the crisp air, copious amounts of scarfs that will resurface from our wardrobes, and pumpkin spice lattes…but now one more thing can be added to that list;  the fall collection from Plum Pretty Sugar! And unlike past collections, we are excited to announce that Plum Pretty Sugar has teamed up with BHLDN to launch the exclusive line.

“Created exclusivity for BHLDN, the new prints feature a soft, timeless approach that evoke romance and classicism. The silhouettes are both traditional and fresh and bring both the Plum Pretty Sugar and BHLDN brands to life,” says Plum Pretty Sugar.





Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN includes three prints: Viviette Meets a Lark, Calliope Beneath the Stars and Imogen Whisked Afloat. Select items are available exclusively at BHLDN. You can shop now (pre-ordering is our friend!) at Plum Pretty Sugar or BHLDN online.

Congratulations to our dear friend Charlotte and the rest of the team at Plum Pretty Sugar for this exciting, new venture!