Meet Us: The BKWE Team

We are almost ONE MONTH away from the Brides Live Wedding, which happily kicks off our 2014 summer season! Besides the AH-mazing million dollar dream wedding we are planning, we have so many fun and amazing couples throughout the entire summer and we are so excited to be involved in their wedding days! Before we buckle down to work, we wanted to take an opportunity for you to meet some of the team behind Brooke Keegan Weddings & Events. We are lucky to be assisted by an outgoing bunch of wedding obsessed girls and are thrilled some of them are returning for another season with us! Plus, we’re excited to welcome some new faces as well:)


Here’s a peek at a few ladies on our wonderful assistant team:


Name: Courtney Kring

Years (wedding seasons) with BKWE: 1

Job title: Set-up Assistant

Favorite part of working for BKWE: The amazing team of girls!

Favorite part of working in the wedding industry: Every wedding is so unique from one another. I love seeing all of the couples different visions come to life. Being apart of the final product is a special experience.

Favorite part of the wedding day: Perfecting the reception set-up

Favorite post wedding ritual: A good nights sleep.

Trend you’re most excited to see in 2014: Blush pink in the color scheme.

Current mani color: All natural:)

Starbucks order: Chai Tea Latte


Name: Maddy Spellerberg

Years (wedding seasons) with BKWE: Currently my 2nd season

Job title: Bride Duty Assistant, Blog Manager

Favorite part of working for BKWE: The amazing group of girls I get to work alongside, having Brooke and Heather as mentors and bosses, and the wonderful couples we work for! I’ve done some of the most jaw-dropping events with BKWE!

Favorite part of working in the wedding industry: The vendors we work with are some of the kindest and most creative people I’ve ever met.

Favorite part of the wedding day: It’s so hard to narrow it down to one, because there are so many special moments that make up someone’s wedding day. I would have to say one of my favorites to witness is the first look. It’s a choice that not all couples make, but over the years it’s totally swayed my opinion!! It is a rare moment in such a hectic day that a couple is alone (kind of!), and I always love hearing them say ‘sweet nothings’ to each other. Rarely will you see a dry eye in the witnesses.

Favorite post wedding ritual: The snooze button, a pedicure and a lazy day on the couch

Trend you’re most excited to see in 2014: Bright colors and bold prints

Current mani color: Fiji by Essie

Starbucks order: Usually, an iced soy chai


Name: Nichelle Perez

Years: This is my 4th year working for BKWE

Job title: Senior Event Assistant (Set-up and Bride Duty)

Favorite part of working for BKWE: The experience and getting to know so many amazing vendors

Favorite part of working in the wedding industry: Work doesn’t ever feel like work, you get to be around happy people who are enjoying themselves and having a good time. And you get to know that you made a very special day perfect for a loving couple.

Favorite part of the wedding day: The first look or when the groom sees the bride for the first time walking down the aisle. Those are the moments where you can really see the love between two people.

Favorite post wedding ritual: Relaxing!

Trend you’re most excited to see in 2014: I want to see what new dances people pick up on and have fun with during the reception.

Current mani color: Turquoise, black and white

Starbucks order: Iced green tea, no water no sweetener


Name: Courtney Barry

Years (wedding seasons) with BKWE: Starting my second season with BKWE

Job title: Set-up Assistant

Favorite part of working for BKWE: The opportunity to see Brooke’s visions come to life

Favorite part of working in the wedding industry: Helping a couple’s dream day come true

Favorite part of the wedding day: The first look between the bride and groom. Or once the couple is walking up the aisle after the ceremony has ended.

Favorite post wedding ritual (i.e. pedicure): Resting my aching feet and legs!

Trend you’re most excited to see in 2014: The couture bridal fashion: lace sleeves, capes, and color! I saw so many I loved during bridal fashion week!

Current mani color: Natural – a mani is sorely in need and my nails are so sad!:)

Starbucks order: Tall mocha frappuchino with whip


Thank you to the super sweet, Troy Grover Photographers for our fun photoshoot! Our summer season kicks off June 8th with the Brides Live Wedding! Stay tuned for more 2014 wedding love to be posted soon!