Featured Friday: Vive Entertainment


(Photo by  Joe Latter)

This week’s Featured Friday is all about the music! Whether you choose between a string quartet, live band, or DJ, music sets the overall tone of your reception. One thing we love about hiring a DJ is the variety of music you can play, especially when you want to start the dance party later on in the evening! One of our most loved DJ’s is Peter from Vive Entertainment. With over 12 years of experience working from San Diego to Orange County, he has established himself as an industry leader and one of our go-to guys for DJ services! Peter’s ability to captivate a room, and hone in on a couple’s desired musical taste makes him a great choice for wedding entertainment. Plus you’ll see below, he’s pretty funny too! 

Photo by Michael Erdkamp

(Photo by Michael Erdkamp)

Q: What’s your Starbucks order?

A: Tall non-fat latte … BOOOOOOOORING!

Q: Song on your iPod your embarrassed to admit?

A: “Tomas” by Mexican Kid’s Clown “Cepillin” (BKWE – what?!)

Q: Best part of DJ’ing an event or wedding?

A: My 4th Vodka Tonic—(haha – kidding) Actually, hearing a scream of approval at the beginning of the next song!

Q: What makes Vive unique to other companies?

A: PeterPop! (Peter’s nickname) I’m just ONE DJ with 12 years experience in every conceivable type event.

Q: About how many times have you played “Single Ladies” during a bouquet toss?

A: Unfortunately Carl Sagan said it best: “Billions and billions…”

Q: Best new album of 2013/2014?

A: Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is fun, but everyone will give you a different answer to that one!


(Photo by Joe Barnet)

Thanks Peter for having fun with these questions! To find out more about Peter and his company Vive Entertainment, visit here.