Featured Friday: Ever After Honeymoons


We may be a little spoiled living in Southern California, but with rain as the forecast for most of the weekend, we can’t help but day dream about lounging in St. Barths (above) under the warm sun. Today we are so thrilled to feature Katie Frederick from Ever After Honeymoons as our first Featured Friday vendor. Over the years, Katie has become a good friend to our studio (so much so, we are now in the same office!) . While we love living vicariously through her adventurous vacations and we also love recommending our clients to her. A honeymoon is such a special memory for newlyweds and with Katie’s expertise, and attention to detail, she plans unforgettable and luxurious honeymoons for her clients…and leaves us with a bad case of the travel bug!


We wanted our readers to get to know Katie on a more personal level, as well as hear more about Ever After Honeymoons so we took the liberty to ask some fun Q&A’s below:

Q: What’s your Starbucks order?

A: Grande Bold Coffee.  Although the coffee in Italy has ruined me- nothing tastes as good as a cappuccino in Italy!

Q: Favorite TV guilty pleasure?

A: Bravo.  Anything and everything.  It’s so bad but I just can’t stop watching!

Q: Best part of the honeymoon planning process?

A: My favorite part is after couples come home, and seeing their pictures and hearing about the fun adventures they had!  Of course for my clients, the honeymoon itself is the best part:)

Q: Destination you’d love to live in?

A: Oh gosh, there are so many places around the world that I would love to live!  Living in Paris would be incredible!  I love everything about that city!

Q: Why is hiring a honeymoon planner important?

A: So many couples have no idea where they want to go for their honeymoon.  I ask a lot of questions about each couple and will suggest spots I think they would love.  Lots of couples end up going to a destination they would never have even thought of!  I have amazing relationships with the top hotels in the world so clients get all kinds of fun extra amenities, upgrades, and extra good service.

I don’t know about you – but that all sounds amazing to us! To contact Katie, you can email her at: hello@everafterhoneymoons.com or visit her web page.  Thank you Katie for allowing us to feature you.
These photos above feature St. Barths, Italy, Paris and Bali. All photos courtesy of: Katie Fredrick 
As Katie says, “Honeymoon luxuriously!”