Featured Friday: B. toffee

This week we had a little sweet tooth and wanted to reach out to one of our favorites in the world of party favors! B. toffee is absolutely to die for and their Founder, Betsy is as sweet as the confections she makes! The company which calls Newport Beach home, began in 2009 and strives to make each batch with only the finest, freshest and most natural ingredients.




Q: What’s your Starbucks order?

A: Mocha latte with no whip

Q: What is your favorite part about meeting an initial client? And what is your favorite part about working with them when it’s all said and done?

A: It is so fun hearing how a couple met, how they got engaged, and how they envision their special day or party! I’m a romantic at heart and love seeing people in love! It is always so rewarding witnessing how much they truly enjoy our toffee. Once they see the many packaging options, we love creating a gift they can share with their guests that is a custom design made especially for them. 

Q: What do you love about working in the event and wedding industry?

A: I love sharing B. toffee with all the guests at their many celebrations – whether it is a bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party rehearsal dinner or wedding. It is always so enjoyable to hear how the guests love our favors so much, that they wait until the guests at their table have gotten up to dance, and start ‘lifting’ their gifts from B. toffee off the table because they can’t get enough of our yummy treat! 

Q: What makes you unique to other toffee/candy companies?

A: I’m not sure of another company that spends the attention to detail that we do when it comes to our gifts and favors! We want the packaging, the colors, the design and the whole toffee experience to be special and individual to each couple, as well as a delectable treat your guests will surely love and continue to talk about long after your wedding! The process of getting the final product – the back and forth – is the most rewarding! The relationships we build keep growing as many of our clients use us time and time again! For the next step…baby showers!

Q: What wedding trend do you look forward to seeing more of in 2014?

A: We are having so much fun seeing destination weddings become weekend long celebrations and getting to be a part of so many parts of the events/celebrations. From the welcome bags, to late night snacks, seating card boxes, or table favors – we love having clients and their wedding planners use our toffee in unique and creative ways!

Thank you Betsy and the B. toffee company for allowing us to share about your company on our blog! To find out more about Betsy’s sweet treats, you can visit her here. Or you can visit her Facebook page too (Warning: tons of mouthwatering photos) for even more updates! Many thanks to Marisa Holmes (top two) and B. toffee (third photo) for the featured photos.