Feature Friday: Lighten Up Inc.

Today we turn our attention to lighting. If there is anything we share with our clients, it’s how much lighting makes a difference. You can truly transform a venue with the correct lighting design, and it can add so much value and affect to your overall aesthetic. This Friday, we are featuring one of our favorite lighting design companies, Lighten Up Inc. Nathan Megaw, the owner, was sweet enough to answer some of our questions and share some of his gorgeous work.


Q: What’s your Starbucks order:

A: Black coffee with 3 sugars

Q:  How did you get into lighting?

A: I’ve always had a passion for visual effects and the impact it has on people. Having worked as a technician, I was inspired to form my own company, so as to be able to express my own creative visions. 


Q: What is unique about Lighten Up?

A: Positive professionalism 

Q: How would you describe your style for lighting?

A: Our style of lighting is progressive. We always like to push the limits. Our lighting designers are given creative freedom to be innovative. 


Q: Why should people invest in lighting?

A: Lighting is underrated when people talk about budgets/design. More than any decor element, it can transform a room. 

Q: What is your favorite part about working the wedding/event industry?

A: Having recently celebrated my wedding (and providing lighting for it), I take great satisfaction in helping to enhance an already extraordinary moment.  


Nathan, we thank you for your efforts and insights. Anytime you work with us, we know our clients will be blown away by your creativity. Your work truly enhances the vision we have and our client’s expect.

Photos courtesy of: 1. Amy & Stuart 2. Aaron Delesie 3. Aaron Delsie 4. Lane Dittoe