Feature Friday: Artisan Production

Today’s Feature Friday turns to video! A vendor that is sometimes overlooked, but we believe is essential to truly capturing and savoring your special day. The guys at Artisan Production, including owner, Aaron Novak are incredible. Aaron has a real gift for capturing the essence of the couple and translating that into film. And I swear, he and his second shooter, Matt are barely noticeable throughout the day, yet time after time prove that they truly capture every memorable moment! Then those tender and timeless moments are woven into a story that can be experienced again and again.  On top of his artistry, Aaron and his assistant’s kind personalities make them friends outside of wedding days! Below are some samples of Artisan Production’s work. We suggest you grab some popcorn, and maybe a tissue.


Our clients Gabrielle & Matt:

Our clients Killian & Fitz:

And here’s a highlight from Artisan’s 2013 wedding season:


Aren’t their films beautiful? Well we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted you to learn a little bit more about Aaron. So we pestered his inbox with some questions:

Q: What’s your Starbucks order?

A: A cappuccino

Q: Meal you could eat over and over?

A: The meal I can eat over and over is Sushi.  When I take my four year
daughter on date nights, she also chooses sushi every time!

Q: What is unique about Artisan Production? How would you describe your style for

A:  Artisan Production is unique with our attention to detail. Every bride and groom has
specific taste and we like to showcase that through music and how we
capture the day.  Our personal style is creating a timeless film that you
would want to watch over and over in the years to come, but also creating
something modern and personalized.

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: Our ideal clients are couples who see the value in documenting their
day through video. When we show up ready to shoot and they are just beyond
excited that we are there ready to capture their special day.

Q: What do you love about videography?

A: I love shooting weddings because I love telling a story.  Everyone’s
story is different and there is something special about capturing the
emotions, voices, details, and movement.  Having a job where I get to
capture one the most special days of someones life and giving a gift that
they will treasure for lifetime is why I love doing what I do.

Q: Why shouldn’t people skimp on hiring a videographer/cinematographer?

A: You only have this day once and so much goes into planning a wedding
with countless details.  Brides tell me all the time how fast the day goes
and by having video, they were able go back and enjoy it.  They didn’t
realize how much they missed the day of the wedding.  Photos can only give
a snapshot of the day, whereas film captures the emotion, movement, and
essence of the day.

Thank you Aaron for allowing us to feature you! It’s truly been a pleasure working alongside you and for us, hearing how happy our clients are that they have a beautiful film to look back on for years and years. To find out more about Artisan Production, you can visit Aaron here.

(Photos courtesy of Aaron Novak)