Brides Live Wedding – Vote for the Couple

It’s finally time to vote on the couple for the Brides Live Wedding!! We have been waiting and waiting for this category because we can’t wait to find out whose wedding we get to plan! Throughout the last couple of weeks we have fallen in love with the proposal stories and couple’s personalities by watching the Brides Live Wedding web series. Again, we are truly honored to have been selected as this year’s wedding planner and would be overjoyed to coordinate any of the couple’s nuptials.


Porshia & Wade

Why should they win?

“We should win the Brides Live Wedding because I believe that we deserve to have the wedding of our dreams. Not to say that every other bride doesn’t, but why not us? We are a young couple and many of the things that will be made available to us would never be possible if not for this opportunity. Also, our loving yet silly nature will be nothing less than entertaining! The people in our bridal party are some of the funniest, craziest, smartest, and most attractive people you can imagine, and Wade and I are not so bad ourselves. I must also mention that we are very competitive and will do everything in our power to help propel us forward. Nevertheless we are a very go with the flow couple and are grateful for any opportunity offered to us to make our day that much more special. We are excited about this experience!”


Valentina & Eric

Why should they win?

“We should win the Brides Live wedding because we are the best couple. In all honesty, we have been through a lot this past year and winning would be an incredible way to start the next stage of our lives together. Valentina lost her sister in March 2012. They were as close as two sisters could be and it was a devastating moment in her life. Wedding planning without Victoria has been bittersweet and very overwhelming. Having Brides viewers help with our wedding choices would give us a wedding beyond our wildest dreams and alleviate the added stress. Secondly, we both have a lot of student loan debt that we are working hard to pay off. This leaves us with a very limited wedding budget and Valentina has been picking up extra shifts at the hospital in order to help. With friends and family all over the world, winning this competition would allow us to share this incredible day with every single one of them whether they are streaming it live from the internet or there with us.”


Lynn & Michael

Why should they win?

“Lynn and I should win Brides Live Wedding because we are a loving couple who contribute to our communities through our work every day. Lynn’s twin sister is getting married in May 2014. My mother is a twin as well and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to be seen as an individual. I want Lynn to be able to have a wedding as unique and special as she is to me. Mike and I should win Brides Live Wedding because we deserve to have a spectacular wedding. What Mike brings to this relationship is something that many relationships these days are missing. Mike opens every door for me, washes my dishes, and cleans my apartment constantly. He honors and protects me in every way possible. These are just some of the qualities that I know will make him an amazing husband. I am looking forward to starting our lives together and I think that such a wonderful man deserves a wedding as special as he is.”


Now it’s time to VOTE! Vote here for the couple you want to win Bride’s Million Dollar Dream Wedding!