Brides Live Wedding – Vote for the Bride’s Makeup

From dewy cheeks to bold lips, the experts at Neutrogena have handcrafted both glam and ‘au natural’ makeup looks for our three stunning brides. Now it’s time for America to choose the winning look for the Brides Live Wedding. If you’re just tuning in, each element of the Brides Live Wedding has been voted on by America. From the cake, to the wedding gown, America has decided almost every element of this wedding….we’re not kidding:) We are so honored to be the selected wedding planner for this year’s million dollar dream wedding and can’t wait for all to be revealed on the big day! Be sure to tune into the live wedding on June 8th broadcasting from the gorgeous St. Regis Monarch Beach to see all of the winning elements! Also, join us May 22nd to vote for the final category of voting: the couple’s first dance song. Until then, vote for your favorite makeup look here.