For Auld Lang Syne…Our NYE Wedding!

One of our favorite things to do is look back on our weddings through the videography highlights that were captured. We can’t speak enough about how critical we think hiring a videographer is. First, it’s such a wonderful time capsule to have. For the moments you didn’t see, when maybe you were getting ready or viewing the ballroom, videographers can capture the moments so you can watch them later (and forever!). Videographers are also there to capture the moving images. While a photographer is also instrumental in your big day, what about the moments of movement like your first dance, getting your makeup done, or the flower girl dancing down the aisle? Those are the moments you’ll want to remember and be able to relive over and over again through video and sound.

So with that being said, we wanted to rewind to our New Year’s Eve soiree at Big Canyon Country Club. Here is one of our favorite videos from Artisan Production featuring our NYE couple, Victoria & Greg! Having a New Year’s Eve wedding can be a blast. It’s great to have all of your family and friends around for the holiday, throw in a wedding – that just means confetti and sparkles are in excess!!! The Seratelli’s threw a great bash to ring in the New Year, in style! Watch below.